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Go Big Ed is dedicated to uniting Nebraskans around our children and our schools. We seek to bring out the best in them, and in each other. As friends and neighbors, we will continue to develop a K-12 educational system in Nebraska that by all indicators is No. 1 in the nation.


This is a nonprofit, grassroots, ad hoc, statewide effort designed to inform people and link them together in powerful new ways to advocate for what's best for Nebraska's schoolchildren.


Whether the education is taking place in an inner-city magnet school or a one-room country schoolhouse next to a cornfield . . . whether it's in a large tax-funded public school district, a private school, a homeschool, a virtual academy, or some combination . . . whether parents are receiving education "free" in a public-school setting, or at their own expense in a homeschool or private school . . . this website is designed to bring understanding to everyone, and develop creative new ideas for solutions to our mutual problems.


Go Big Ed is for parents, grandparents, teachers, taxpayers, school administrators, school-board members, elected officials, school governance personnel, businesspeople, volunteers, philanthropists, social-service professionals, health-care experts, criminal justice workers, and citizens from every corner of the state and all walks of life . . . everyone who cares about children, and wants to help make their future bright.


That future is in traditional school settings, both public and private. It is in flexible, privately-funded, market-based initiatives. It is in positive public policy that respects and celebrates all options, all backgrounds, all viewpoints, and all possibilities.


Nebraska: the good life. We have it here. We really do. Our schools are excellent. But we can make them even better. Together, we can make them . . . No. 1.


Go Big Ed!




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